Cowgirls with a Cause: Breast Cancer Benefit Barrel Race


Cowgirls with a Cause is a North Carolina barrel race that takes place every year, and let me tell you, it’s always cold out. There were about 400 barrel racers signed up and that’s not even counting all those who did roping (I’m not talented in that aspect). All the entry fees and merchandise sales went to help Breast Cancer research and help. So it’s all for a great cause. None of my girls won, but we all had a good time.


A cowgirl on the lap of a cowgirl on the lap of a cowgirl. What more could you want?!


Oh, right. A drunk father. (not mine in this case)

This is a subject close to my heart this year, because my aunt just got a double mastectomy after they found early signs of breast cancer. Also, Maria mother, who is my mother away from home, is also a breast cancer survivor. We have a lot of beautiful, strong, and amazing women in this world that need help fighting off this disease. And instead of buying stickers and bracelets that read “boobies” or “save the tata’s” donate to a research center that is known for helping the people who are hurting.

It’s your turn! I challenge you to donate anything from one dollar to one thousand to cancer research: CLICK AND DONATE

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