Southern Authors: S.A.A

Author Spotlight015

I was in Barnes and Noble one day and my mom handed me a book and said “I don’t know it just looks like you.” and I flipped over and read the back and agreed, it sounded a lot like something I’d read. It was The Girl Who Chased the Moon, and not only did I love the title but I loved the book itself. I was taken into a small southern town with a lot of history and magic, and that goes well to say about all of Allen’s books. South. Magic. Legacy.

I actually have more of her books than the three above, sadly the other ones are still in the “to be read” pile which seems to be growing and growing by the day. These three though are enough for me to say that Sarah Addison Allen is my favorite author, because she mixes the south with magic in a way that doesn’t at all read like fantasy. You except the magic as real, with no questions asked. And that my friend, is a very magical quality in itself.

Allen is actually from my home/current state of North Carolina, which makes me relate to the books even more. She’s from Asheville up in the mountains and I’m more in the middle bit, but I relate whole heartily to the setting. I swear that The Girl Who Chased the Moon was set in a town modeled after Lexington NC, where both my grandparents live. BBQ capital of the world.

Here is Allen’s Twitter and Website.

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