The Adventure Cycle

How many times have I been guilty of saying “there’s nothing to do”?
Way to many times for my liking.
Well, I was wrong, like every other half bored young adult sitting in bed surfing the web.
There is something to do.
Adventure is actually one of the easiest things to find, and this is one of those facts that I wasn’t aware of till this semester. I go on adventures, sure, but I always believed that I kind of stumbled into them. I never thought about the fact that I could go out and find them for myself.
That’s changed for a few reasons.
For starters I’ve made more friends. The more social I am the less time I spend on the internet. The less time I’m on the internet the more time I spend outside. The more time I spend outside the more time I spend exploring. The more time I spend exploring the better outlook I have on the world. The better my outlook on the world is the more I decide to try new things in order to be part of the world. Trying new things means adventure, and making more friends.
See the cycle here?
I’m going to call it the adventure cycle.
Anyways, the other reason I have is that my definition of adventure has changed a bit since I was fresh out of high school. This is the one I’m going by now:
Adventure (verb): 
1. To take a risk.
2. To venture upon
I think adventure is venturing upon, to dig into this and discover while having a great time. I like to think of adventures as quests with no goal in mind. But the risk taking part, well, that’s how you get to find the adventure in the first place is it not? Trying new things, putting herself out over a cliff just to test the air. You can always crawl back in, but that risk might change you, it might lead you down a new trail. That’s the beauty of adventure. It can lead to so very much.

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