Ashboro’s Zoo Photography Safari

Last Spring I did something that my mom suggested (it actually happens more than you’d think) and decided to sign up and pay for Ashboro NC zoo’s photography Safari. It came with a class, so when my mom told me about it, I was hesitant, I didn’t want to listen to a full lecture when I was already taking photo classes in college. But the chance to get up close with the animals wasn’t one I could resist, though, there wasn’t a ton of promise for what exactly was going to happen. But, my sister lived in Ashboro at the time so I decided to stay the night with her before taking off in the morning to take pictures and learn.

I can’t express how awesome it was. I thought it would be fun, but I didn’t realize exactly what I was signing up for. The class was so/so simply because I was literally in the last class needed to fulfill my photo minor (that’s right, my minor was done by second semester sophomore year, I was photo forced fed for two years straight!). The shooting was cool at first, just walking around the zoo talking. Then, well then something amazing happened. They put us all in the back of a truck and took us into the African exhibit, just casually telling us not to put our hands out because the ostriches would attack. These photos were all taken without a zoom lens, ya’ll. (okay, okay, minus the lioness, she was seen from the viewing platform with the other guests, they weren’t that crazy with the class). I can’t express how close I was or how amazing it was, so I’ll just share the photos of the closest I’ve been to these beautiful creatures.

Zoo PS 072 Zoo PS 096 Zoo PS 134 Zoo PS 152 Zoo PS 154 Zoo PS 251 Zoo PS 281 Zoo PS 295

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