Life Tips (series 1 out of ∞)

-Compliment people, always.
Seriously, it takes nothing away from you and it adds so much to someone else’s day. I was having a conversation with my roommate about this. We think all these little things that we choose not to say because we don’t know a person, or because they are walking fast. Take the time, say it anyways. It always brightens peoples day and even more so, it has saved lives before.
And note that compliments are different from cat calls, please and thank you, no one needs any of that.
Walk like you have your dream man behind you
Good posture, long neck, good swish.
Confidence shines in more way than in which you talk.
-Never lie about of hide your emotions
One of the best things that I have done is tell people how I feel when I feel it. I’m in a time right now where I don’t feel like I have the biggest social life. I recently told someone how lonely I was, guess what, they stepped up. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Telling my parents I was depressed, well, it saved my life, and it gave me the chance to be happy again. So here I am.
-Man up, text them first
Okay, face it, if everyone on earth decided to play the popular game of “if they want me in their life they’ll contact me first” than no one would have anyone in their life and we’d all be on the curb over what? Not a damn thing. Just remember that if you reach out and they make an effort to talk back, they want you in their life, if they don’t make an effort and shut you down every time, then you can re-look at the relationship. Just remember, everyone is busy, and you’ve been at points in your life before, that you needed someone to text you first. So just man up and do it.
-Spend more time outside in the sun
Fresh air is good for you.
Sun has been proven to help cure depression.
Adventures happen outside, you should look into them.
-Never expect people to change.
Do people change? I want to say no, but there have been cases were that would be very wrong to say. You know, people can change, but you shouldn’t count on it. Put expectations on yourself and the person you can be. Not other people and the person they might could be if they only decided to do this, this, this, and oh, those other five things.
-Never get obsessed
Love is much healthier.
If you don’t know the difference if, you should figure that out.

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