Scuppernong Books: Books. Wine. Community.

Just recently I’ve found the cutest independent bookstore in downtown Greensboro. Now, know this, I’ve never had an independent bookstore in the area, I’ve been raised on Barnes & Noble, huge selection, but no character. I was stoked to find this guy. IMG_9655IMG_9657IMG_9663Not only did it have a nice selection of books, they also had a lot of cards, than they had a used book section. I’ve now gone twice and come back with three books (I’m getting better at self control). My friend Karen (as pictured below) left with about three of them today. I can’t blame her though, normally I’m not much better. My to read pile is ten times the size of my read pile.

IMG_9671Untitlednew The store also does readings and events, so they live up to their claim for community. I haven’t gone to one yet but I’m really looking forward to it. They have a calendar up on their website that tells what all they have coming up.IMG_9665IMG_9688

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