The More than One Thing Dream

aWe’ve been told since birth that we pick one thing to do with our lives, and at some point, our dreams stop fighting back. We want to be a doctor, a blogger, and a mother. A writer and a graphic designer, and a photographer. A… the list goes on and on. We think that we have to pick one trade to do all our life, because that’s what’s been instilled in us. Whether it be because we were told that we couldn’t make money any other way or it be because we wouldn’t have enough time to do both.

It’s false. You can do at least half a dozen things with your life. Some people are more talented at juggling them, but anyone can learn how too. A lot of time it does result in us doing one or two things for money and then the rest as hobbies, but if you work it right there is no reason why they can’t go hand in hand. See, most people don’t look to terribly far into how they can combine their interests. Maybe you’re a doctor with a weird schedule but in your down time you blog about the time spent with your daughter, and blog about balancing work with motherhood. A lot of hobbies/interests have more in common than you’d imagine. Try spending some time researching all the types of jobs that combine them, whether it be on google or in a book (there are books written on everything). When it comes having time, I’ll repeat what every other person does: you pick your priorities and you have the same twenty-four hours as everyone else. People do these thing all the time. Figure out how to make it work for you.

3 thoughts on “The More than One Thing Dream

  1. Pete says:

    So true! I left high school wanting to be a physicist, but quickly ended up in the Army and the Far East. After the Army my dad said get a job and I did as a printing pressman, in between a short order cook and a night auditor at a hotel. When I open my eyes I was 48 and working as a fishing guide in Northern Alaska…take a chance their is always time on your road of life for some new twists and turns!

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  2. Heather says:

    Girl, you nailed it, I do a bundle of things and I love every second of it, personal trainer, interior and personal stylist, nutritionist, group ex teacher… I can keep going! Life is too short to not do everything you enjoy.



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