“Take Me Back” Thursday.

My favorite trip I’ve ever taken was Rome. It was more magical, to me at least, than Paris was. It had more charm in my opinion, and I think some of it had to do with age, and some of it had to be how seamlessly the old mixed with the new. I remember every minute of it, even though it was a whole four years ago. A city like this just sticks with you, from all the restaurants, cute holes in the wall, and all the buildings and artwork. It was too beautiful for words.  Rome '11 005Rome '11 014Rome '11 071Rome '11 113Rome '11 074My favorite memory was at night, my cousin and I (on the left, my sister is on the right) went and ate gelato on the side of the bridge overlooking the colosseum. Mine was cinnamon, the colosseum was lit up like the forth of July and man was it beautiful out.  Rome '11 009UntitledRome '11 092The apartment we rented for the week had this view. Everyone always asks me if it is photoshopped, but it’s not! If I remember correctly it’s a library. It was honestly 1000xs nicer than staying in a hotel, because all of us (six!) had a common room and kitchen (not that we did any cooking). We were also about four blocks down from the colosseum. Not to mention that it was so much cheaper. Seriously look into non-traditional choices when traveling, and go by recommendations by friends of friends and books/bloggers. It seriously helps with the cost and the experience. I don’t think it would have been the same without recommendations. My aunt had a friend who had a house there. We planned out our days, but not to a T. My mom got us all to pick one main thing that we wanted to do so no one would be disappointment. The only thing you have to really set dates for is tours, please, please, please do yourself  a favor and don’t just show up places, learn about passes and tour guides or any of that before hand. Exploring the city is one thing, standing in line for a pass to a museum is another!
Rome '11 087© Anna Katherine Oates, 2014, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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