Gastonia, North Carolina

a6a2Every year we go over to Gastonia to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. It was a long time favorite of mine growing up because my dad’s uncle used to run a dairy farm, and we’d get to spend the time playing with the cows both young and old. We were even allowed to milk them. It was great fun I assure you. But about two to three years ago they retired, meaning the cows were sold and the land has been left behind. I haven’t thought much about it, but today when I got out of the car, I noticed how beautiful everything was now that it had gotten the chance to overgrow. So I grabbed my two cousins after dinner and made them go out exploring with me. I couldn’t resist, and I knew there was a reason I brought my camera.
a3a5a4a9It’s pretty amazing how nature takes back everything even in just a couple of years. I’ve always been a bit admired with abandoned amusement park and theater buildings that you see in all these really famous photo sets. It somehow captures me.a11 Untitled-2 Untitled-3It was a good day, full of exploring, playing soccer, and good snacks. I hope everyone else is having a good start to this weekend!

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