Goal Setting:

bIf there is one thing that reading others blogs have really turned me onto, it would have to be detailed goal setting. I’ve always set goals, but they tend to be a lot more broad. I tend to say things like “job after college” or “A or B in my 300 level English Class”. Well, recently I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about goal setting to the T, and I’ve realized, it’s really the best way to turn parts of your life around. Now, I’ve been trying to improve my life while I’m in school, which tends to mean more studying and less time on tumblr (it’s my procrastination tool, for some it’s netflix). It also means taking better care of myself physically.

Improvements are hard to make, I’ll be the first to admit that. We get used to our type of lifestyle and everything becomes a habit that we repeat over and over again. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you can get so easily sucked into bad habits, than how hard is it to get sucked into the good ones? Here’s my tips to making goals and sticking to them:

  • Make realistic goals for right now: You won’t be disappointed or discouraged if you keep the more current goals realistic, once time pasts you can make them bigger because you will be prepared for it, but to start out, the little changes make the biggest differences!
  • Keep the future and the present in mind: A lot of people only plan for the future when they are setting goals, they tend to ignore things like making room for downtime and spur of the moment adventures. It’s important for you to make goals that will benefit you both now and later.
  • Start on a daily level: People tend to make milestone goals instead of making them for day to day, but when you make milestone goals you make them easier to put off. Plan out the steps to make it to those bigger goals, and make the steps your goals.
  • Keep them diverse: Don’t just choose one thing to focus on at time. Don’t just write goals for your career life and leave your emotional health out of it. It’s important to have well rounded goals, not only will they keep your life well rounded, but it’ll keep you from being discouraged by setbacks, because something is always moving forward.


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