Little Joys: On Insta This Week

Untitled-2It’s been a very busy first week of the semester. I’ve got less college in front of me than behind me. It’s a little crazy to think that I’m halfway through my junior year. I feel like sophomore year didn’t happen at all. There’s been a lot of socializing this week, so much time spent catching up that the pictures were nonexistence. So, this week looks a lot less exciting than it actually was. What’s pictured is important though. Lots of time with my little boy, one of the sweetest letters that has ever been written to me (exploring friendship and love), and my blog by the fire, because well, I’ve neglected it a little bit this week. It was just a choice to socialize with people I hadn’t seen in a month or blog, so the loved ones in my life won out this time. I promise I’m not going anywhere though! I’ve got a few more posts this week!

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