62.5% Done.


Outfit Details: Target. Target for everything.

We are now on the third week back on campus. My courses this semester don’t seem too bad. Last semester was pretty relaxed, but I’m surprised sophomore year didn’t kill me. I suppose I need a nice little break before senior year comes through with it’s 300 and 400 hundred level classes. Though, break is a loose term. I’ve been super busy these past few weeks. I’ve been running around with some great friends, and though there isn’t more of them than last semester, it sure feels like it. It’s been great though. I’ve really built an incredible network around me these past two years. I’m a little scared about two of my closest friends graduating this spring, but, I guess everything will work out. I’m going to make a guide soon about surviving college and making the most of your time, because it is definitely something learned not given.


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