The art of setbacks and motion:

LIFE 074

Life is a funny thing that catches us completely off guard. We think something is going fine then we turn around and everything falling apart… then again, three weeks later everything falls back together. It’s a nonstop roller coaster of “I’m alright” and “oh shit!”. It’s nice to believe that we’ll finally come across a day when it’s all good, and it stays that way, but that just isn’t true. Even on the days where most things are good, something little can bring you down. The question isn’t how we stabilize the good, it’s how we come to view the bad.

And that’s to stop looking at it as a threat.

If we start looking at the bad as natural we stop giving it the power to destroy. We need to look at it as a spill, something we need to clean up and then keep moving on past. A hiccup if you will, a small ditch that we have to walk around instead of a giant crater- No matter how big that ditch seems there is always a path around things. To get into the mindset of treating everything as a diversion not a set back is a really hard mindset to master. But it’s something we must master if we ever want to move forward.

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