What Should I Do When I Grow Up: How to Answer This Question


Okay, okay, I’m turning twenty-one in two months. I’ve only got a year and a handful of weeks left of college. I’m there. I’m at that stage, straddling the line of “my parents support me” to “I’m my own person here to take the world” and it’s scary, let’s not lie. But it’s a time we all face, and we have to face it by turning out plans for the future.

Well, I’ve never not had plans. I know that nobody really lacks ideas, it’s always the realistic side they’re not holding onto. I have a friend who wants to do everything under the sun, and you know what? Maybe she’ll be able too, but lets start with the basics.

  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What could you do over and over again without getting sick of?
  • What experience do you have to help you?
  • What have been your strengths in schooling? (I’m talking more than subjects- organization, planning, leadership)
  • Where do you get inspiration?
  • What did you love to do as a child?
  • What cause would you dedicate your life to?
  • Have you taken the Myers Briggs Test?

Now lay the answers out and try to connect them, like on TV with little red string. Does your planning go well with your extreme social skills- maybe your single but have a guilty pleasure for bridal magazines and would be good as a wedding planner. Maybe your hobby of social media goes well with your organizational skill- and maybe you have a huge blog following that makes you desirable in the PR field. Maybe your major was history and you’re a writer. Textbooks? Biography editor? Freelance researcher for a magazine?

  • HERE is a list of careers if you need a boost.
  • HERE is where you go for all the details about that job, if you are qualified, and what not.
  • HERE is an article about having more than one job/career at a time.
  • HERE is a list about what kind of degrees you need for certain careers.

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