The New Hope Chest:

HCYou’ve heard about hope chests, haven’t you? Well, if you haven’t they’re an old tradition where a mother collects a big chest fill of things for her daughters future house. Now, my mom has a few things that she’s going to give me, but it isn’t the same. People are buying everything new, mothers aren’t normally cranking out handmade linens. It’s just not a super common thing anymore. Well, as a 20 something year old hope chests mean something else. I have friends who still live at home and are planning to move out at sometime. They’re creating hope chests. They’re collecting stuff for the life they want. It’s like dressing for the job you want in a way. Imagining what will be, setting yourself up a little at a time.

Moving out and getting an apartment is hard if you don’t have a start up kit, and that’s what hope chests can become. You’re paying for things over time instead of all at once, and they don’t have to just be for homes, though the home one is what I have, I know that some women do them with baby stuff. You can do them with any real life style changes you are getting ready to make. Changing career? Moving states? Traveling the world? Get creative with it. Don’t count on just your mother for some hope.

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