Quick Crafts: The Cut Out Game


Want a quick craft? Cut outs are amazing for

  • Wall art
  • Gift bags
  • Gift Cards
  • Notebook/Binder covers
  • Any kind of insert

And they’re fun and don’t take a lot of skill. All you need is an exacto knife and some construction paper (the thicker sheets work better). I choose red, but I have a ton of colors because you buy them in packs normally.

IMG_1539It’s best to back them with something so you can see your design, for stationary, you can use the stock card as your backing and cut the construction to fit the top, if your making wall art you can just use construction for both which is what I did. I threw a friends monogram in mine, just messing around.

2 thoughts on “Quick Crafts: The Cut Out Game

  1. That looks awesome. : ) I always have a problem with exacto knives because I can’t cut curves… or straight lines! I have done cutouts before, though, and they can look really nice.

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