Outfit of the Day: Teals, Keys, & Cherry Coke

IMG_1548imSome high(er) waisted shorts along with a plain T-shirt. Actually the most expensive thing I’m wearing is the necklace, the rest is Forever 21. I really like their basics even though some of their other stuff is a little much for me. When it comes to my sense of style I’m pretty much a minimalist with a little extra color added. Simple lines are best.

I wore this to Food Lion, and in the parking lot my 12 pack of Cherry Coke Zero busted open and they rolled everywhere, under cars, down the hill- so I go to pick them up- when I do so my purse flips and dumps it’s contents. I could have screamed. I’m sure it’s a funny story though, so I thought I’d tell it for laughs. There was a nice woman who helped me out. I hope she got some serious good karma.

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