Staying Busy: Why you should bulk up your schedules

] 081So I’d like to pretend like I’m one of those people who is always busy. But as a twenty-something year old I’d have to say that that’s not always true. You know the story, college kids procrastinating on tumblr, netflix, or whatever other thing, alone in our room dissolving into nothing for a few hours a day. It’s a great escape… but only every now and then. The internet likes to make itself into an extreme life style. It glamorizes staying in and an extreme form of relaxation that actually passes the line of relaxation and into the realm of wasted time.

I’m as guilty as the next girl. In high school I was on tumblr 24/7. I thought it was a great way to spend all my time because it was inspiring. Well, that’s true. Tumblr is inspiring. But for it to be considered as an inspiration in your life… it has to inspire something.

Here’s what I’m getting at: We need to get off the couch, out of bed, and do more.

Writing this last summer would have made me a hypocrite. Writing it this summer, I can say that it’s a lifestyle change that will change you for the better. Not only will you see your goals move closer and closer, but you will be naturally happier. Here’s why:

  • You’ll sleep better an sounder at night.
  • You’ll be more active, which will release more endorphin’s, which will help your health overall, give you more energy… do I need to go on?
  • You’ll feel less anxious about social plans. Social anxiety is really big in our generation. If you force yourself to get out there more often it will stop seeming like such a weight. When you’re seeing people four times a week rather than once every two weeks you’ll be able to grow stronger relationships and the activity will seem less like a burden because of that and because you’re comfort zone will shift by what you’re used too.
  • You’ll be able to grow your hobbies. Didn’t you want to learn to play the guitar? Didn’t you used to love to paint? There’s more hours in the day to do things when you’re not behind re-watching an entire TV show or scrolling endlessly.
  • You’ll learn what’s important to you on the computer. You’ll figure out which TV shows you really care enough about to stick with and if reading up on a few bloggers is more important than going through 1000.

*The picture is from an internship I did senior year of high school, hence the old school desk top*

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