Social Media and Shame: Let’s talk about it

We’ve all been there before, haven’t we? We have a picture up on Instagram ready to publish, or a tweet, or a status and we’re wondering if it’s right- not because it will hurt anyone, not because it’s mean- but because… haven’t I posted five pictures of my horse in the past two days? Nobody needs another selfie of me, I’m not that pretty. Do my inspirational quotes get on peoples nerves? I know I shouldn’t be this proud of my cooking- it’s not that photogenic!

I shouldn’t post this.

See all the horse pictures? Four in one day, that's how you do it.

See all the horse pictures? Four in one day, that’s how you do it.

We’re ashamed of how we’re viewed on social media, we take our self conscious thoughts and transfer them onto internet and app accounts. We think people will judge us or simply get tired of repetition. We’re not using the accounts for anything we should be, their uses, to socialize with friends (who shouldn’t be judging you anyways?) or to share things we enjoy, to record our memories.

We forget that instagram isn’t really about how many likes you get on the eighth picture of your day-cation in twenty minutes. It isn’t about trying not to spam.

To be honest, I think one of the coolest things about instagram and twitter to not just the sharing (though how cool is it that my over sea’s friends can know my day without me having to repeat the same story five times!), it’s about being able to look back and say “Wow, do you remember what it was like to be eighteen? Look at this! Listen to what I was thinking that day!” or to hear your grand kids laugh “Grandmom, did you really dress like that! That was back in style last year.” or “You looked just like mom when you were her age!”

Remember, social media isn’t supposed to be about counting likes to see how “social” you are. It’s supposed to be about sharing things you love and even more than that, remembering the things you love- and doing so with joy.


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