Five Reasons to Journal:

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  1. Sleep Management: Believe it or not, journaling before bed is great for putting you to sleep. It takes a load off your shoulder and it’s not a brain stimulus. You know the scrolling you do on your phone? It’s a huge stimulus- anything with a screen is! White paper on the other hand, is not.
  2. Scheduling: When you start recording what you’re doing everyday along side your hopes and your dreams you’ll find that you realize, not only what you’re wasting time on, but where you can fit in other things. You’ll see more and more relation to the dreams and the things you do everyday!
  3. Creativity: Writing is a form of art if wielded that way! While most people start out with standard journaling, a lot of people find themselves moving into prose and poetry. Still writing about their emotions and days. Not to mention many people put in actual doodling and go into typical art
  4. Memory: It’s always nice to be able to go back to a certain moment of time and day. And even though our brains are beautifully strong and able to remember things we don’t understand, there’s simply to much to remember. The small details are normally the best, and those are often forgot.
  5. Stress Management: This one’s pretty clear, ranting is good for you, ranting into a journal isn’t much different, but it doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste in the person your talking to’s mouth.

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