Easier Wake Ups: Tips from the Least Morning Person ever.

SpringTime 181

So you can ask anyone in my family, or any of my college roommates. I don’t get up. It’s not even I don’t get up easy, it’s just I don’t get up. I turn off alarms in my sleep. I crawl back in bed after getting dressed. I just don’t get up. So this summer that has been my main goal. To get up and to get up at a reasonable hour. So here is what I’ve learned a month in.

  • Set Two Kinds of Alarms: Set one normal alarm for when you want to get up, then set a second alarm, one for the last possible minute you can get out of bed. I’m talking rushing and barely making it on time. After one or two times rushing and panicking you’ll start making more of an effort to make that first alarm.
  • No Snoozes: With that being said, that first alarm and that second alarm is all that you get. Wake up call and last call.
  • Put your Alarm Across the Room: I told you I turn off alarms in my sleep? This keeps me from it. It also gets me out of bed. Win-Win.
  • Pull your Blankets All the Way Down: Let the heat out of them! It makes the bed less easy to crawl into again, less comforting, less likely for you to pretend you’re just “warming up for a second”.
  • Open Your Curtains: The moment you are out of bed open the curtains turn on all the lights. It helps wake you up and it helps cut the urge to crawl back in bed.
  • Stay Vertical: Don’t sit down to pull on your pants, don’t sit on the side of your bed, once your up you don’t go back down.
  • Cold Water: Splash your face, before you put on clothes or brush your teeth. It’ll help clear the fog.

2 thoughts on “Easier Wake Ups: Tips from the Least Morning Person ever.

  1. 24cottonwoodlane says:

    I have a horror of sleeping in but I’ve never actually had to set an alarm. I always wake up a few minutes before it goes off or I actually need to get up. I hear that’s called anxiety lol. I am guilty of laying in bed for ages before actually hauling myself up right. These are great tips!

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