Creating an Inspiration Book:


My inspiration book is just a plain spiral notebook where I paste clipping and write short entries with titles. I just started this project about a week ago and I’m already loving it. I’ve always been one to find things in magazines and catalogs that I want to keep, even more so in the summer months with by the pool readings. I read business magazines along with fashion and home magazines and some images and articles are down right inspiring! There have been many things I read and relate to, advice that I need to hear, or things I want to wear or decorate my house with.

This book is a place for all of those to come together, in a piece by piece book. I know that some people do them by topic (similar to a physical pintrest!) But I like having them all in one place, made into a “life” inspiration- not just a subject by subject on.

The pros to having something like this instead of an electronic version is that it will be less cluttered and that it will be much more personal and easy to remember. How many times do you pin 20+ things on a board only to forget 90% of them an hour or so later?

There’s also joy in holding a physical book that you just can’t beat- something that book blogs everywhere agree when it comes to the paper verses e-book debate. Plus, like every kind of craft there is huge amount of stress relief that comes with cutting, pasting, and browsing pages.

Here’s a list of things you can include in your inspiration book!

  • Hair inspiration
  • Food inspiration
  • Business tips
  • Home inspiration
  • Articles you relate to personally
  • Motivational quotes
  • Design inspiration
  • Fashion inspiration
  • Make up inspiration
  • Confidence boosters
  • Personal entries related to clippings
  • & unrelated
  • Photography styles you want to recreate
  • Icons and role models
  • Lists of goals
  • Lists of achievements


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