Reasons to Live in the South:


  • The Weather is known for being warmer, I feel like that is enough reason to live down here, but lets go into this: There is less snow which means less shoveling, salting, layering eight layers on to get mail (and ironically more snow days from work and school). There is more time for summer activities such as swimming, boating, fishing. Flowers are out longer. Fresher foods because our food season is longer.
  • Our Twang is really cute. We say “ya’ll” and “all ya’ll”. We even deliver insults in a way that sounds strangely nice. We call people honey and darling, and it’s all so endearing. You don’t often hear “I really want to date a boy with a Boston accent” or “Oh New Jersey accents are so charming.”
  • The music might be known all over the world, but it’s roots are here. Country music and folk sound different but their all from the same core. Banjo? Mandolin? Boot stompin’, windows down radio up. It sits in your soul well, doesn’t it?


  • Community is everywhere, and I’m not going to pretend it isn’t, but there is something about southern community that hits home. College students go back for homecoming games at their high school. Neighbors drop by pies when they hear both good news and bad. Everyone waves at everyone. You talk to strangers in elevators. You generally know neighbors by name, and generations are always mingling.
  • Our food speaking of pies. It’s not great for weight loss, but it sure is good for comfort. Apple pie, biscuits, corn bread. The list can go on and on and on.

There is a lot lacking in the south, but it’s home, and I’ve noticed that people who leave always seem to come back. People retire here. We move a little slower, and talk that way too, but it’s a way of life that should be cherished! So whether you want to live here or not, I think you should at least visit it. It needs to be experienced by everyone.

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