Things to Do When it’s too Hot to go Outside:


Summer is hot where ever you are, but here in North Carolina it’s starting to get a little too hot- and I know, we aren’t even the farthest down south! So you need a break from the heat, and there’s no pool in sight. Here’s some ideas.

  • Print out your Pictures and Scrapbook or design a pretty bulletin board or a gallery wall. You can even replace some of the old images framed around the house. It might be too hot to go make memories outside, but you’ve got a lot of them, and they are all sitting on your computer. Our digital world is great! But it means that we don’t update the things around us anymore, and that we don’t see them as often or go through them as often. Catch up! Look back!
  • Make Popsicles because it’s hot out and you will have to leave your house sometime. A cool treat is a great way to beat the heat!
  • Make Contacts, you know, the ones you’ve been wanting to make online? Email people and do so in a way that’s not strictly marketing. I keep hearing about amazing blogger friends, don’t you want to give that a go?
  • Play Board Games and Card Games if you’ve got a friend with you. It’s a bit of a throw back, but unplugging every now and then is good for you. You might find that you missed it. Future game night? I think so.
  • Learn to Cook more than just really good “artisan” grilled cheese. Hey, we’re adults now, right? We need to step it up a notch and stop pretending like it’s okay with us to eat the same six meals over and over.
  • Update all your Social Media Bios… does that one say I’m 19? That’s not two years old or anything. These matter, even if they are a few clicks away and hidden in pages after pages. And even if they are up to date, half the time when I rewrite them I like them better.
  • Have an Art Day with the Girls because aren’t movie nights getting a little old? And some of those pinterest ideas aren’t exactly quick do it completely by yourself.

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