Dry Skin Saviors:

IMG_1693 a copyI don’t normally do reviews on here, but these are just too good not to. You see, I have very dry, sensitive skin. My skin is allergic to a lot of different products so it’s challenging to find ones that work and are sensitive enough. So, if you’re anywhere in the dry skin spectrum and want something gentle on your face, listen up, because I’ve tried so many and finally picked my winners.

Niva In Shower Lotion: If you’re like me you’re not fond of that sticky feeling you get in the summer after putting on lotion. In shower lotion doesn’t have that. It also because’s part of your in shower routine so you’re not forgetting it when drying off. This brand keeps your skin soft and also helps sooth razor burn! You simply wash normally, apply it, and rinse it off.

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty Face Lotion: I’m going to be honest, most of the products in this line are terrible. The exfoliater felt like rubbing sandpaper across your skin. But this lotion, is great (so skip the combo packs). The reason I like this lotion so much is because it’s lightweight, it lets my skin breathe, doesn’t make me look greasy, and it has the benefits of SPF and moisture. A win, right?

St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask: I used to use their apricot scrub, which was great, but hard enough on my skin that I could only use it once or twice a week. This one is softer. It gets rib of that bumpy feeling to your skin and makes your skin so soft! It honestly feels like you put lotion on when you use it. It’s also a mask, so you can put it on, scrub it around, and then leave it on for a bit while you wash your hair or brush your teeth. Then rinse it off. The longer you have it on the softer your face gets!

5 thoughts on “Dry Skin Saviors:

  1. kchezelle says:

    The St. Ives scrub was definitely my go to before until I discovered that I shouldnt be exfoliating my skin everyday. It actually caused my face to produce more oil so I switched to skintelligence cleanser

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