Book Review: Wild

IMG_1997I waited way to long to review this, because now the hype about it has died down… but in fairness, that’s also a good thing because it means that maybe I can hype it back up a little. Because this book was amazing! I read it in big chunks, because it had a lot of natural stopping points. The story itself has some heart breaking moments in it, but they gave it depth and meaning.

It’s a story of a journey to move forward in life, and while reading it I remember thinking where is it? Where is the big epiphany? And that’s the thing, there wasn’t one. It’s a slow process that hit her a little at a time, just like it hits the reader. So for a while I was looking for something big I was wondering if the book was going to leave me unsatisfied. But I can tell you the moment I finished this book I let out that deep sigh and nodded my head to myself. It was brilliant, and that’s saying something because this isn’t the type of book I’m normally drawn too.

4 out of 5 stars.

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