What I Want is Boring:


It seems that everyone I know is all about the bigger and the better. They have dreams I can’t even touch and want a lifestyle so far from standard. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it takes big dreams to go big places. But what I want has always been a little different. This sounds funny to say on a lifestyle blog, but the life I want… is kind of boring. It’s standard. I don’t really care if I’m rich. I don’t want to be the most successful. I don’t even want to have huge chunks of time off.

I want to find that American Dream everyone speaks of, but with a twist. It’s come to mean a lot in the business world, almost a symbol for being able to work your way to the top. But the top is a lot of work, and I’m happy being lower on the totem pole.

See, I don’t want to live in a big city. I don’t want to go to big parties. I don’t want to have to own all these fancy clothes. I just want to be on a little house with a piece of land, a horse, a 9-5 with some freelance side work, and hopefully at some point a family.

It’s such a typical dream that people tend to tell me to dream bigger.

But I don’t need to dream bigger, and you don’t really need to dream bigger either.

Don’t let the craze of the world tell you that your plans aren’t enough.

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