Bipolar on the News


I never rant on social media, I find it unproductive, unrewarding, and annoying. But today the news has been talking about the most recent mass shooting. The channel mentioned his bipolar disorder about eight times in the single coverage.
Every time I hear the words bipolar on the news it’s being used as the excuse for a criminal killing people. Well, I’m sick of hearing that, I’m sick of it being an excuse for any kind of action. Bipolar people might not have complete control of their emotions, but they damn well have control of their actions. I don’t care how severe it is, they still have the conscious knowledge of what they are doing. They’re the ones choosing not to treated. They’re the ones choosing to be criminals.
Bipolar disorder isn’t a scary thing, it isn’t something that should be feared. The news is turning it into that.
But even more than that, it’s not an excuse.
And I’d know, I was diagnosed at the age of six.

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