In My World:


So, senior year is almost here and I’ve been trying my best to be prepared for it when it comes. Tonight I start part-time at a fro-yo shop in town, and will continue to work there through the school year. I (hopefully) will be able to build up my savings account a little before I graduate into the unknown.

And while it is the unknown, I feel like I’m getting a clearer image of it day by day. The design internship that I’ve been working this summer has really helped finalize what I want to do when I graduate. It’s built my resume along with my other two internships, newspaper position, and web editor position on campus. Now I’m really working on bulking up my design portfolio, which is pretty slim right now. That’s were Anna Katherine Design comes in actually. It’s not meant to be a stand alone business but rather a way to freelance while working.

I’m both excited and nervous about senior year. I’m excited about my course work and I’m nervous about my social life. My two best friends both graduated in the Spring, along with a few other girls, so my social circle has been drastically cut down. I’m prone to loneliness so I know I’ll have to do some reaching out. Luckily I know a few girls still in the area.

I’m taking a light load my senior year, which worked out well with all these other commitments I have going on. I’m moving back into Mary Hobbs, which is my favorite dorm on campus. I’ll be in a single again this year, which worked out amazing in the past. I’m glad I’m still living on campus, even though most people try to leave. It’s nice to be in the middle of everything and to not have to worry about a commute.

It’s going to be a busy year, but I think it’ll be a good one if I play my cards right. I know most people are either really ready to get out or really want to stay in, but for me a year seems like the perfect amount of time to start transitioning.

I’m pretty happy about what’s to come.

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