College Packing: What you Really Need in a Dorm

college packing

  • Appliances: A mini-fridge is a must, a microwave is helpful, and my favorite thing I’ve brought is an instant hot water boiler. I’m a tea drinker. The truth is most schools won’t let you bring hardly any appliances into a dorm. They’re a fire hazard… and a huge waste of space.
  • Utensils: One or two sets of silverware, two food storage containers, a bowl, a plate. The basics, you’ll be eating in the dining hall more than anything in a dorm room… but hey, bring A LOT of cups and water bottles. You’ll go through them.
  • Laundry: Detergent, lingerie bags, a stain stick, and a basket or bag. You will not use that iron enough to bother or that drying rack. I’ve only met one person who uses their iron and hey towel bars are great for those bras you can’t put in the dryer. Wrinkled clothes? Throw them in the drier for a hot second and shake them out. You’ll need to bring some hangers though!
  • Entertainment: No, you don’t need to bring eight books and all your DVD’s. You might watch one movie that’s not streamed, and you might have time to read three books that aren’t assigned. I don’t think you really need a TV either… unless you are a gamer, everything can be done online through a laptop, save the room!
  • Lighting: A desk lamp is so important if you have a roommate. That overhead is impossible to sleep with on. Have some respect!
  • Office: A printer is not necessary on most campuses because you’ll have printing money built into your tuition, plus paper, ink, and storage will always be short. Bring index cards and sticky notes. You should have a notebook for every class, buy the kind with the tear out pages and forget the loose leaf. Very few people use binders, get a nice folder or two instead. Bring a stapler, paper clips, and tape. And for heaven’s sake always have a highlighter and a pen(cil) with you in class!
  • Extras: Command hooks/strips are great, storage is amazing (but shouldn’t be bought in bulk till after you see the room). Bed risers normally come with the room. Extra seating is nice, but expect people to sit on your bed/use your desk chair. Tote bags are cute, but you’ll find you want a backpack or messenger bag for long walks across campus, those text books weigh a ton.

I feel like somethings go without saying, such as bedding, towels, and clothes. These things are just things that people tend to over (or under) buy for!

If you have anything else you’re questioning… feel free to ask! I’m going into my forth year in a dorm room, so I’ll probably know!

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