Tips to Keep College Great: Two Week In


So you’ve been back to school for a week or two. You’re settled in, hopefully loving it, if not just waiting to find your groove. So, the hard parts mostly over right? The butterflies are dissipating. You think you’ve got it figured out- and your not wrong about it! But here are some things to remember and keep remembering:

  • Clubs: There is more to college life than classroom and hang time with your friends! It’s around this time that all the clubs are starting to get started on campus. It’s a great way to meet people and an even better way to have some fun plans on those Tuesday nights everyone is busy.
  • Your food intake: Sadly freshman 15 is a thing, but even more sadly, freshman fatigue is also. Make sure that you’re going to still fit in your winter clothes, sure, but make sure you have some kind of balance to your diet. You need some veggies and some source of protein.
  • Planners: Have you filled yours out yet? Put up to three or four weeks of stuff in it from the syllabus at a time (or all of it if your teacher isn’t known for changing due dates!). Color coordinate things, some people do a color per class- I highlight my activities and leave the assignments to stand on its own. Purple highlighter for personal/social plans, blue highlighter for my off campus job hours, and yellow highlighter for appointments, may it be doctors or meetings with a teacher!
  • Dorm room: I know, I know, you have your dorm room done! But don’t forget to wash your sheets and towels every two weeks. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but you’ll wonder why you waiting so long when you realize how great they feel clean. It’s a quality of life thing. Plus, it keeps you in a laundry routine… don’t be the one wearing bikini bottoms as underwear.
  • Study playlist: One of the better things I’ve done was create a study playlist of mostly instrumental music. I say this because sometimes the library isn’t actually as quiet as you need it to be, and as the work load picks up, you need to focus without being distracted. It’s a great time of year to make one… just saying.
  • Forget me nots: You probably haven’t thought about talking to friends back at home. Most of them are new to college too and just as busy. Put together a care package for them sometime in the next month or so- or even just a sweet postcard. They’ll love mail just as much as you do, plus, you’re going to want those friendships healthy and intact when you head home for the summer

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