On Growing Up: Let it Call you Home


Today I realized that one of my friends will never put down roots, not because she’s incapable, but rather because she doesn’t want them and never has. She wants to be free, she wants to adventure, and she wants to travel constantly. And as much as my heart longs for adventure and travel, I know that I must always have a home. I need a place to come back to, a place that never changes, a place where my roots are planted so deep the storms can’t rock me.

Neither way of life is wrong, it’s just so hard to picture one when you’re the other extreme. Most of my friends are either nearing the end of their college lives or have been out for a season. Watching everyone trying to place their next steps in life has gotten me thinking deeper than ever.

I don’t know if I believe that everyone is meant for one thing and one thing alone, I think that we can do most things we put our minds too… but I do think that there is a path that we will take no matter what happens, not because it’s all we can do, but because it is what we are destined to do.

I’m following the path I want with as much direction I can manage. I want the path I’m planning to be the path I keep walking. It’s impossible to know the details, and I haven’t tried. There are some things that I’m so unsure about I just have gaps I work around, patches of time to wait for. But sometimes you feel something in your gut, telling you that something is your calling. It might be a little thing, it might be life changing, it might be world changing.

I think that you should follow that gut instinct all the way home- however permanent or temporary you want yours to be.

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