Posin’ Pumpkin’

IMG_20151014_102933078_HDRIMG_20151014_103225859 IMG_20151014_102957138 IMG_20151014_102918164_HDR

I went to the farmers market for the first time today. It’s stupid that I’ve never been before seeing as I’ve lived here my whole life! I enjoyed it and bought a craft vanilla hand lotion and a my grandmother’s Christmas gift. All in all it was a good trip. I should have known I would love it because whenever I’ve been to a market in other cities I’ve loved it! How strange is it that this little Carolina girl went to one in Paris before she went to one in her home town.

I’ve been finding out more and more things to do in Greensboro. I really don’t know how I missed it all for all these years. I’d really recommend that everyone reading this dig in and find out if there is anything you’ve been missing in your home town. You don’t have to go far to explore!

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