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Hey all, my outfits have been a little all over the place lately because between ceramics class and going to the horse farm I haven’t really been dressing all that great. But I figured in my outfit posts I normally don’t highlight accessories.

I mentioned this watch in a post about my favorite jewelry– it’s still in my line up daily. I love it so much it’s worth bringing up twice. It’s a Daniel Wellington watch and even though it’s a women’s it still has a bigger face, which I love, and of course, it’s beautiful with it simplicity. I couldn’t find a knock off with the same look so I went for the big ticket item and let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. I wear silver jewelry so I went for that clock face and I live in a brown leather belt and brown leather boots, so the strap had to fit in as well. Here’s Daniel Wellington’s Site.

Lancome Midnight Rose has been my only signature scent… ever. I’m really picky wit h scents, not because I don’t like them (I love them) but because when it comes to wearing one you have to find one that you want to be associated with. You know how scent triggers memory? How you can pick out which one your grandmother wore years after she passed? If someone gets a whiff of this perfume a year or two from now and think “oh that smells like Anna, doesn’t it?” I would be trilled. I want this scent to be something that people match with me. My friends have learned that I’m picky about this and that if you’re buying me Bath and Body Works you best just stick with the candles. Linking a perfume feels silly because you can’t smell it but here’s a place to purchase it.

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