8 Productive Self-Care Steps for when You’re Feeling Down

Self CareWe’ve seen a lot about self-care lately, and I love that the internet is supporting it, but I feel like self-care is more than wrapping yourself in blankets and binge watching netflix while drinking tea. Sometimes taking care of yourself is less about relaxing and more about doing.

It’s hard to get going when you feel like you’d rather sleep for five years instead, so here are my steps to get you going and to get you producing- even in times like this.

  1. First things first, get out of bed and shower. While some days it’s really hard to get out of bed, going from warm sheets to warm water is helps the transition. Being clean will help you feel a little more put together and once you do that you should go ahead and put on a cute clean outfit. Feeling put together is half of being put together.
  2. Okay you’re up and ready, now take a minute to relax, make a cup of tea and set a limit of time you can watch netflix or scroll on facebook. Stay out of bed though, siting at a desk or kitchen table would be best. While your relaxed make a to do list for the day.
  3. Pick a small productive task and set it to music. Washing dishes while listening to your favorite songs, answering an email while bobbing your head, you name it, it’s easier to get things done with background music. It’ll help keep you from feeling too overwhelmed. Because, hey, if you do, stop for a few seconds and sing along.
  4. Once you finish that task take a step away and do something active. It can be productive also, maybe taking your dog on a walk, maybe a twenty minute yoga video, maybe you keep that music going and just dance. Whatever you do being active has proven to reduce stress, it helps clear the mind, and lets out beautiful little endorphins that will make you feel better.
  5. Drink a full glass of water and while you catch your breath do something long off your to do list. It seems logical to make spreadsheets or write a paper after being active, it gives your heart rate a chance to slow back down and since you’ve let out all that energy it’ll be easier to keep focused.
  6. Look at you go! Now it’s time to take another short break and scroll through facebook or paint your nails or whatever you come up with. If you haven’t eaten yet, do so.
  7. You’re brains relaxed again, and now it has some fuel to run off of. So hit that next item on your list.
  8. Repeat step 6 and 7 as needed.
  9. If you have another long task on you list do something social before trying to attempt it, the same way exercise is a release so is chatting it up with your friends.
  10. Get that big task done and call it a day! You have now deserved that lovely bed time!

Now you won’t be caught behind when you feel better, and somewhere throughout being productive, you’ll feel less stressed even if your still a little blue. Keep your head up buttercup and move right on along!

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