OOTD: Burning it in Burgundy


(Jeans: Express // Ballet Flats: Banana Republic // Top: Forever 21)

This was my winter concert wear this past weekend. I haven’t put on these jeans in a while because they say they’re a size two- which I’m not. Luckily I tried them on just for the hell of it. Turns out they run big. I feel like they’ll be great around Christmas. They’re colored for this season! Do you guys have anything fun planned? This year will be the first Christmas we’ve done without my sister here, so that’ll be strange.

The weathers been a little back and forth but with the amount of rain we’ve had and are planning to get I think that there’s a big possibility for a white Christmas. I’m not holding my breath, because in North Carolina they’re not all too common. We’ll see though! (and I’d rather snow than all this rain)

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