December Goals

December Goals

I’ve never actually written a monthly goal post on this blog, and I probably won’t start doing them every month, but I feel big change coming up in my life and I figure that if there was a time to set goals it was right now.

Start making contacts for after graduation:

This has been on the list for a while, my mom has a few people she knows in the graphic design business that she wants me to get in touch with and I have to reach out to a few people I’ve met through internships. It’s hard to believe that in late January I’ll start applying for jobs. It’s scary, I’ll admit it but I’m more ready than I’ve ever been. Also I need to beef up my LinkedIn.

Become a better equestrian:

I’m always devoted to my horse, but sometimes I’m more devoted to the sport than others. Riding’s an art, and though it’s like riding a bike, it needs constant practice to stay good. Staying on is only part of the battle. I’ve been getting out there three times a week, but ideally I should be out four. He’s the love of my life, I should treat everything about him that way.


Write and journal more:

This keeps my soul healthy. I don’t know why at times I slack off on it, because every time I start again I claim I’ll never do it again because it feels so good. Plus, the more I write the better my writing gets, and I need to get back into my poetry before I take a class on it next semester (something I’m very excited about). Anyways, this seventh novel isn’t going to write itself.

Use my time online productively:

I feel like a lot of the time I’m online I’m just reading funny things and not doing anything to my benefit. What would be beneficial?

  • Watching TedTalks instead of cat videos
  • Creating new content for this blog
  • Reading blog posts on things I’m interested in – posts that will help me learn things
  • Growing my blog/social media accounts in readership

Do something good for someone else:

I feel like most my time has been focused on improving myself, which to be fair is how most kids are in college, but I need to fix this. I need to give back. Random acts of kindness, volunteering. The whole bit. The world needs some good, and why can’t I help with that?

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