A Riders Wish List

I often find myself looking through horse stuff that I can in no way afford. I think everyone can relate to that on a certain level, but when it comes to horse stuff things are so expensive that they don’t actually make it onto my Christmas wish list because I would never ask someone to spend that much money on me, my parents or otherwise. So I’ll continue lusting after the unattainable. Here’s whats in my dream shopping bag:

Untitled-1Ariat Denim Snap Shirt ($79.95)


Corral Woman’s Ant Saddle Brushed Boot ($259.95)


Ariat Team Softshell ($94.95)

Currently my dream list is all horse related, because I don’t have hardly any horseback specific clothing, and I already knew this, but I have a boot problem (both cowboy and otherwise). You can see a fine example of this when I spent all my money on these Dan Post boots that I adore.

What’s in your dream shopping bag?

Or your ‘after I marry rich’ one?

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