Minimalism for us Non-Minimalists:

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If you’re anything like me you love the idea of minimalism, but the practice… it’s a little too much! Or- uh- not enough. I’m the farthest thing form a hoarder, all the stuff I have I do use, but the thing is, I use a lot of things. You don’t see me moving into a tiny house anytime soon, or selling everything and moving down to a fifteen piece capsule wardrobe. It’s interesting, it’s cool, but I’m not committed. So what do I recommend for people like me?

  • Go paperless: I helped clean up some loose mail around the house today. Why am I still getting bank statements? I do everything online! Instructions and manuals can be online (check before you toss) and having a journal or one specific notebook for those beside the phone notes and shopping lists will keep the scraps down. Track your buying, but don’t keep huge stacks of receipts unless you know you need a return.
  • Spend your money on activities not items: I think this one speaks for itself, if your not buying unnecessary stuff, you have more money to travel, go zip lining, go live.
  • Sell or trade: One of the best things is used book stores or clothing stores that let you sell your stuff for store credit. You won’t feel bad about owning books if you get to trade out the ones you don’t like for new ones. Plus that prom dress you’re not going to wear again, you’ll feel better getting rid of it if you get a new pair of jeans. Hey! Keep what you wear but what you don’t…
  • Organize and label: Okay, so I’m probably like you in the fact that my room gets really messy at times when I’m busy, and that’s fine, understandable even, but when you clean up, it’s a million and ten times easier if everything has a home. Go to the dollar tree stock up on plastic bins and grab some post its. Give everything a home. It’ll make clean up easier. (check out Do It on a Dime for cheap organizing tips and tricks- I seriously binge watch her)
  • Buy Quality: It’s more expensive, but we all know that it’ll cost the same in the long run to have one top that lasts six years instead of three that last two. Plus this cuts down on your buying, your need to buy, and… come on guys, it’s the grown up thing to do, you’ll look nicer in a Banana Republic basic sweater than a Forever 21 one. And yes, you can buy used quality pieces if you want to do it on the sell or trade train.

It’s hard to become a minimalist, but it’s not hard to incorporate the minimalist lifestyle into your own.

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