2015: A Year in Review

2015 a year in review

Favorite Books:


Favorite Songs:

  • Cam- Burning House
  • Logan Brill- Tupelo
  • Hold me Down- Halsey
  • Church Bells- Carrie Underwood
  • Watered Down- Rainy Quaglly
  • Sirens- Cher Lloyd

Favorite Moments (as photographed):

Favorite Trends:

  • Saying “same” or “me” in response to everything
  • Denim shirts (x)

Favorite Posts:

  • OOTD: Rainy Day on Campus (x)
  • Easy Lunches: Italian Quesadilla (x)
  • The Art of Being (x)
  • Five Reasons to Journal (x)
  • Rainy Memories (x)

IMG_2507 editg

2015 In Summery:

It wasn’t the easiest year, I’ll be the first to tell you that, we had a lot of health problems going on in my family, I had a few friends turn out flaky. But it’s also been a year of adventures.

Quite a roller coaster of a year, really, I’ve had a lot of really high ups and a lot of really low downs. But it’s been a year of learning, a year of understanding, a year of searching. I’m still in search of some things, and your never done understanding and learning, but goodness have I made some big steps- there’s no where to go but forward.

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