Readable: UK Magazines to Sink your Teeth into


IMG_2770abMaybe you know this about me maybe you don’t: I’m a magazine slut.

Well maybe I’m more of a paper product slut or a publication slut. I don’t know I just get high off these kinds of things. I know slut is an extreme term, but you just haven’t seen me in Barnes & Noble or Office Depot. I have a problem.

Throw extreme terms aside and lets look at the facts: I buy way too many magazines- and to be honest, I’m disappointed by a lot of them. I find that they’re mostly ads or that their content just falls flat. I think we can all think of a few magazines we’ve flipped through in a waiting room and spent more time flipping than reading or being visually pleased.

I personally like magazines that I can read and gain from. Which brings us to this posts, these magazines where the last two that I picked up that I was really pleased with. They’re both UK editions, because apparently I was feeling pretty British.


Most fashion magazines really are the same. They all share a similar format, they all have similar topics… but with Elle (both UK and US) I’ve found that there is a ton to read. It takes me three to four times as long to read through Elle than it does InStyle or Glamour, because there is more than one good article and I feel like I need to do more than skim. You feel like your learning something from what your reading, or at least that your gaining insight. You read about confidence, women empowerment, all while still getting some fashion and beauty input. That’s a win win for me.


Okay, I’m not a member of this society. I couldn’t be as high class as the target market of Town & Country if I wanted. Reading this magazine was like being sucked into a really good TV show. High class, high society, with articles about the business behind race horses and the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk. Simply the travel section had me reeling. What a life. So why am I including it if I couldn’t even buy the baby clothes in it with my life savings? Because it was good. You felt like you were living that lifestyle simply by reading it. When you come out of it you feel like you’ve finished a novel about British royalty.

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