How to Beat Social Media


Did you know social media is linked to depression? Well, it is. The principle behind it is that you see other people doing awesome things and you compare that to you not doing awesome things. I think we’ve all been victims of that. I think we’ve also all been known to try to portray our life as a more interesting one than it is on social media.

Which is fine, I mean, I only want to remember the good stuff three years from now scrolling through my instagram. The real solution isn’t to post everything online, but to remember that nobody does. We’re missing all the ugly cries and silly fights from that one blogger who seems to have everything together.

But I’m telling you things you already know. We’ve been lectured not to compare our lives to others for as long as we’ve been alive. That’s all fine and well, but it doesn’t stop us from doing it. Which is why I’m going on to post these solutions for fighting back against social media’s bad side effects:

  • Study’s have proven that you have to interact with people on social media to get any good from it. And I’m not talking about liking someones picture. Commenting, exchanging ideas, sharing that funny thing on a certain friends wall. When we simply share on our own wall we aren’t connecting. When we don’t tell our friends they look damn fine they go on their day without knowing. What kind of friend does that? Be social on social media. Please. It brings joy because it brings deeper connections, which is what this is supposed to be about anyways.
  • Don’t worry about your vibes. That sounds stupid, that doesn’t look right next to the last picture I posted, I don’t think you would fall in love with my instagram if you only looked at the top nine photos on my profile…? You know what I’m talking about. It’s poison really. We worry about looking cool on social media. All of us. I’m really guilty of this, I keep going to this very blog and wondering if my top few posts make people want to scroll farther down. I wonder why this section of my blog looks better than this other one. But that isn’t why I started this blog? It clearly does get views? It’s crazy guys, we need to fight against our need to rearrange, post and then delete,  second guess everything we say. If it’s not getting likes who cares? We posted it because we wanted too, because we agree with it, because we want to see it when we look back. That’s enough reason.
  • Unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad, whether it’s their rude posts or their unfair out of this world posts. If following them makes you look at your own life negitivly… why are you follow them? Because you wanted a follow back? Because you like seeing pretty pictures? Because you wanted to see their drama? Are any of these actually real reasons?  

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