Baltimore, Maryland.


I downplayed Baltimore in my last post. While it’s true that I love Annapolis more- most of that is because I prefer smaller towns. Baltimore is a great city if I’m being fair, it doesn’t quiet have the charm but it certainly is spectacular.

We spent most our time down by the Harbor and up Charles street. Let me tell you, 17 degrees with the wind ripping across the water sure was bitter. Lucky for us there are a ton of stores up there. Not too many that I could afford, but hey, you can find some amazing things on sales racks. I was actually proud of the fact that I didn’t buy anything but food and parking (the downside of any big city). I’m not feeling nearly as vacation poor as I expected.

Other than stores there are art museums and a huge aquarium, which had all these historic boat tours (hence the one that looks like a shark below).

I really want to go back in the Spring or Summer, because there were these dragon shaped paddle boats that looked more than amazing. Also there are so many ice cream shops. Kat kept saying that walking around the harbor in a sundress with ice cream doesn’t compare to being frozen and having to defrost every 15 minutes.

Good, it means I get to return.


Till Next time Maryland


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