Why we should bring back Snail Mail:


I think snail mail is making a comeback (or at least I’m going to pretend it is). As slow living is coming back into style I think the joy of letters are as well. They take longer, a text message is much quicker, but a letter, has much more meaning and it’s effects last a lot longer.

I keep letters, in fact, I hoard them. I cherish them, why wouldn’t I? It’s like having a little piece of your friends life right in your hands. A memory on paper. Something that can screen shot your relationship.

Plus? Nothing is more thoughtful. Having a friend send you a thank you text is sweet, but having them send a thank you letter tells you that they’re not only thankful for you, but deem you worthy of their time.

Cute stationary never hurts. I find most of mine in the Target One Dollar bin, but if you want to get fancy, go explore etsy these are some of my favorites.

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