Let’s Talk: Mental Health

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I’ve found myself in a bit of a panicked rut lately. I mean panic attacks and record breaking down swings in my mood. You know what I’m talking about, we all have those weeks, and sadly, sometimes they last much longer than that. We feel powerless, but if I’m being honest, I don’t believe it when people say that the only cure is medication and a good nights sleep.

So let’s talk about it- it’s not depression, but you’re afraid if it keeps going downhill it might become just that. That’s scary guys, I’m not going to dismiss it. Instead I’m just going to talk about the choice you have to make.

When it comes to your mental health are you all in?

It’s much easier to lay in bed and groan, make jokes to classmates about how this class might kill you. It feels like there isn’t much other options. But there is and you know it. The only way to keep you from sinking to the point of no return is- wait for it- you.

We all have things that make us feel better, and even though it takes ever ounce of energy you have, it’s time to do at least one of them. So come on, get out of bed and dance around the room with your music playing full volume. Go wash your sheets, shower, and clean your room. Go to the gym. Go outside and just lay in the sun for a good thirty minutes. Make time to go see the friends you’ve been putting off.

You know what makes you feel good, so it’s time you make time for it before it becomes mentally impossible for you to do so.

Mental health is an all or nothing thing when you’re feeling down. You’re either dedicating a lot of time to it or your not. It’s time you start.

Are you all in?

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