OOTD: A Hat with Brim


(Dress, Tights, Hat, Boots: Target)

I was laughing to someone recently that if you ask me were an item of my clothing is from, there is a 90% chance I’ll say Target or Loft. But hey, once you find what works on you you just got to keep sticking too it.

It doesn’t hurt that I go on Target runs for fun, not just when I need to buy stuff. Actually come to think of it I need to add more meaningless stationary from the dollar section into my already over flowing drawer. You know, retail therapy isn’t that bad when it’s only a dollar worth of post-its.

One not that’s worth making on this post, is since I took these pictures, I’ve chopped off my hair! I’m sure ya’ll will see it plenty soon, but it’s up to my collarbone now. Everyone keeps telling me I look more adult, but I’m just happy that it takes less work.


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