Hacks to Living Life to It’s Fullest:



If you’re like me- you spend a little too much time online. A little too much time ‘relaxing’. A little too much time putting off the things you need to do, which in turn keeps you from being able to do the things you want. Procrastination is hardly a out of reach concept for anyone in their early twenties, especially when you’re in college. And though, you’re hopefully like me and pull through anyways, it means that you’re lacking a bit when it comes to living life fuller.

So here are some tips to go about living louder, fuller, and just all together better:

  • Pick up a new hobby: then throw yourself into it instead of tumblr or twitter. Master it. Enjoy everything about it.
  • Turn off app notifications: some people go as far to turn off their email, but that’s something I would forget to check on a normal bases, so I go for turning of social media notifications. I’m going to sign on eventually anyways, so why do it when I’m trying to focus on something else?
  • Set a day aside for cleaning/washing/studying: If you have a chore day or a homework hour at a certain time you won’t find yourself having to get stuff done when you want to be out having fun. It becomes something you can schedule around.
  • Wake up earlier: Most adventures have outside elements, and even if your adventures aren’t happening at eight in the morning, you can get done all your need to dos before having the rest of your Saturday off.
  • Make a list of things you want to do: Then make a point to mark off one a month. It’s also good to make a list of things that make you happy and make sure you’re doing one or two of them daily.
  • Text your friends at least a week in advance: A lot of the time I find myself wanting last minute plans because I’m bored, but all my friends are busy too, they can’t drop things the same way I can’t. Even if you don’t feel like doing something today, text them about next Monday, give yourself something to look forward to and give them time to see you!
  • Save Money: Seriously, the more you save the more road trips and weekend trips can happen. Cut back on the clothing, the movies, have people over for tea instead. Watch a movie at your place with popcorn.

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