Why Paper Thank You Notes are still Important

Why Paper Thank You Notes are still Important

I’ve already written a quick post about why I love snail mail and stated why paper mail will always have a place in my heart, but are thank you notes a little old fashion? They are basically required for weddings and baby showers, but I don’t see a lot of people sending them for birthday gifts or weekend visits anymore.

Here is three reasons why I think we should fix that:

  • They mean more: I feel like this is a little obvious, but paper thank you note mean that you spent time to write them and mail them. Time means effort and means you found the recipient worthy of both.
  • They aren’t bills and ads: Since thank you notes for little things have gone ‘out of style’ they aren’t expected of you. Which means that on a day when expecting just bills and ads in the mailbox they find something sweet. Life is full of bad surprises, so it’s nice to give someone a good one.
  • They’re rewarding to the recipient and the sender: Sending someone a thank you note is sending them a simple and easy reward for their gift or good deed. It also encourages them to do things like it in the future because they know they’re appreciated.

So next time you get something small or stay at someones house, think about sending them a thank you note in return. They really make a difference and can even help improve friendships. Plus, aren’t we supposed to be known for southern hospitality?

One thought on “Why Paper Thank You Notes are still Important

  1. katejanell says:

    I love writing and receiving thank you notes! Slowing down enough to write out even a couple sentences shows a larger amount of care than many think. Thank you for appreciating and encouraging them!


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