A Fashion Magazine with Substance:


It’s magazine season- well I read them year round, but something about airplane rides for summer traveling and laying out really makes me need them when it’s hottest.

I love just about any paper publication if I’m being honest (electronic ones too- bloggers don’t fear). But flipping through something is just such a rewarding feeling. My main problem? I don’t feel our current magazines always hold a lot of substance- mainly, fashion magazines. I don’t want to lose thirty pounds in two weeks (that doesn’t sound healthy) and I don’t want to read another article about which clothes fit my body type when there, are in fact, more than five body types.

It’s hard to find in the current market, at least in the mainstream. Fashion blogs are great for inspiration, but I want more points of views. I just want real articles in my magazines… is that too much to ask?

Good news is, I think I’ve finally found a mainstream fashion magazine I love every issue of. Porter.

It’s owned by net-a-porter, the website, but it isn’t super sells driven, which is nice. But I swear, all the articles are readable, and when they interview people they tend to talk about real things, not just who is dating who (but speaking of which- Calvin and Taylor broke up? Crazyy).

The only real downfall to the magazine is the fact that it’s not monthly. It’s quarterly. Which sucks, because it is one of the few I would read monthly… but, I get why. It takes time to produce good content, which is why all the non-mainstream magazines that come out in volumes are normally so great.

Happy reading by the pool or beach!

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