6.29.16: Life Updates


Life has been a little crazy lately- not that I really expected anything different. Graduating college and being thrown into the real world can jolt anyone. It feels like I’ve been out longer than a month and a half. I can’t tell if that’s because it has been so good or so stressful, because as it turns out, stress and goodness can come at once.

I’m not exactly working a full time job, and by that, I mean I’m not. I’m currently working two part time jobs. One of these is in the field I want to be in (social media and PR- go figure) and I’m really loving the opportunity and I feel so blessed to have been offered it. There also might be a possibility of a full time job coming out of one of these part times, which would be a dream.

Moving out of my parents house will be a little farther into the future than I originally thought- but the good news is my parents aren’t kicking me out any time soon. Still, I can’t wait to get my own place. That’s going to be a big milestone for me, having only lived in this one house and four dorm rooms. Plus, I’ll get to decorate it, which is always so much fun.

Since I’m not moving out I’m trying to save as much money as possible so that when I do leave I have backup. Also I’d really like to travel sometimes and afford that beautiful spotted money pit of mine that I call a horse. All of this is why I started tracking my finances.

I’m also trying to meet new people, and put myself out there more, which is harder because I’m not in a traditional work environment with either of my jobs. I’ve joined two “social groups” one is through my church and the other is junior league, which my sister is in. So we’ll see how that all turns out! I’m missing some of my college friends this summer, but I’ve still got some here in the ‘Boro.

And that’s how my first month of post-grad life is working out. I guess that’s not too bad of a turn out.

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